Facebook Announces Marketing API Updates Aimed at Reducing Discrimination

In March of 2019, Facebook announced changes to the company’s advertising Platform, these changes aim to reduce discrimination in job postings, housing ads, and credit ads. These updates were a result of settlement agreements with several civil rights organizations that were claiming the social media giant should provide stronger protections against abuse of the Facebook advertising platform.

As a result of these changes advertisers, developers, and partners must now specify whether or not their ad campaigns fall in the housing, employment, or credit categories. Inclusion in these categories will limit the use of certain audience selection tools that Facebook worries could be used to discriminate against users. 

Campaign managers can specify this in either the Ads Manager or via the Facebook Marketing APITrack this API using the Special Ad Category fields. This capability has been available in the Ads Manager for over a month now and Facebook is aiming to include the Special Ad Category fields to the Marketing API by September 2019.

All developers must comply with these standards by December 4th, 2019, or risk having their add removed from the platform.

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