Facebook Application Tabs Are Getting Smaller

Facebook is about to squeeze your apps. Later this month the social networking giant will decrease the width of applications that display on a user's profile page. The move, planned for some time, will reduce the horizontal screen real estate for applications by over 30 percent.

Currently applications can take up 760 pixels, but on August 23 they will only have 520. Let's hope that if the remaining 240 pixels is used for more ads, Facebook splits the revenue with application developers. In the official announcement, Facebook alludes to what could be additional revenue opportunities for developers:

These updates are designed to simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers, and enable us to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook. We'll share more of our plans for the roadmap in the coming weeks.

According to AllFacebook, administrators can now see a preview of the new layout. The changes were first announced in October, so there's been plenty of warning. And now developers have about two weeks to make the change.

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