Facebook Continues to Restrict and Shut Down APIs

While the furor around Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal has died down, the world's largest social network continues to make big changes to its APIs.

Today, the company announced that its PagesTrack this API, MarketingTrack this API, Lead As Retrieval, and Live Video APIs will only be accessible to apps that have been reviewed. Such reviews are part of the efforts Facebook is making "to better protect people’s information" by reducing the risk that apps will collect and use data in ways that they are not authorized to.

In some cases, app review oversight is being added to APIs that had temporarily been shuttered. For instance, Facebook had previously halted the ability for developers to search for Pages via the Pages API. That functionality is now restored, but going forward is only available to developers whose apps have obtained Page Public Content Access through the app review process.

Not all of Facebook's API updates are driven by privacy and security concerns. Some, such as the deprecation of the Profile Expression Kit, for instance, are being made because of low adoption.

Facebook's announcement today concluded with the statement "we will keep you updated on additional changes we make", suggesting that developers should expect more changes in the near future.

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