Facebook Dating App Brings New Meaning to "Liking"

Like Me Date Me is a new dating site built on top of the Facebook Graph API, which provides search-able access to user profile information. The service displays a photo and limited profile information of whichever gender you want to see. As the name of the site implies, users can "like" others, which can then lead to more interaction. The ratings approach, encouraging snap judgments, is similar to HotOrNot, which also added an option to meet the people you rate.

The service launched today to capitalize on the Valentine-less. To use it, you must sign into Facebook and give it access to your own profile information. Then, apparently using factors such as interests, age and location, it finds you potential matches. If you're interested, you click the ubiquitous "like" button. Otherwise, click "next."

Like Me Date Me claims to be the first to use Facebook's Like button for online matchmaking, which seems hard to believe. And while it's also difficult to envision winning many users with the slogan "welcome to the meat market," it's certainly a novel use of Facebook's API. If this functionality it not already integrated into dating sites, I would expect it to be soon.

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