Facebook Deprecating Legacy Instagram API in Favor of Facebook Graph API

Facebook has announced the deprecation of the Instagram Legacy API Platform. On March 2, 2020, the Legacy API will be deprecated in favor of the Facebook Graph APITrack this API. Through the Facebook Graph API, developers have access to the Basic Display API that provides the ability to import photos from Instagram, connect to Instagram profiles, and more.

Given Facebook's many privacy concerns over the last few years, it's to be expected that Facebook would be especially sensitive to API transitions like this one. Accordingly, it makes sense that Facebook pitched the change as "an API which enables appropriate consumer use-cases, that [protect] user privacy and safety." While the company didn't define "appropriate consumer use-cases" the company laid out some specific protections and directed commercial users to its business API offerings.

Facebook specifically highlighted three additions to the API, all focused on privacy and user control of data:

  • a feature that gives users the ability to decide what information is shared, including the ability to revoke access to apps
  • separated profile and media information into different permissions
  • deprecation of multiple data fields, including location data and follower, counts, to minimize data exposure

Check out Facebook's entire announcement here. For all updates and transition information, check out the developer documentation.

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