Facebook Encourages Transition to Facebook SDK v4

Facebook originally launched the Facebook SDK v4 last year. The overarching goals of the release were to improve the programming experience for Login, ease Error Handling, and reduce app size when using the SDK. Facebook has encouraged developers to transition to v4 from v3 for quite some time, and Facebook has now announced that it will no longer support v3 starting June 1, 2017. The announcement applies to both iOS and Android versions or Unity versions below v7.

Older versions will continue to work; however, developers will lose access to new features after the June 1 deadline. To further encourage developers to migrate to v4, Facebook reminded developers of specific benefits added to v4:

  • Reduced SDK size
  • Separate Login and Sharing libraries for increased modularity 
  • Updated Facebook Login UI
  • Stronger sharing capabilities including video, hashtags, and mixed multimedia
  • App Invites
  • iOS and Android automatic error recovery
  • Analytics for Apps improvements
  • tvOS and Android/Fire TV support
  • Enhanced SWIFT support

Per usual, Facebook has provided upgrade guides for both iOS and Android. Additionally, all upgrades and new features can bee seen in the iOS and Android changelogs. Facebook plans to publish upgrade reminders in the developer documentation as the June, 1 2017 nears.

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