Facebook Enhances App Dashboard

Facebook has introduced a number of new features to its App Dashboard. Facebook has pitched these new features as giving developers more information regarding the permissions they use and don't use and speeding up the App Review process. However, the new features also give Facebook more access to apps and help the company understand how developers use the Facebook Platform.

First, Facebook has streamlined the process for developers to request access to permissions during the App Review process. A new tool within the dashboard allows developers to review past API calls and oft used endpoints.

Similarly, developers can now remove permissions directly from the dashboard. Historically, Facebook would message developers or send an email related to requested permissions. These messages would prompt the developer to take appropriate action. Now, developers don't have to wait for such messages and can proactively address directly in the dashboard.

To show all changes, and help developers understand all that goes into the App Review process, Facebook has created a new App Review site. The site allows developers to easily see permissions requested and improves the submissions request process. Additionally, developers can learn more about the App Review process including when to submit, how to submit, the expected length of the process, common reasons for rejection, and more.

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