Facebook Expands Graph APIs to Help Promote Games

In recent months, Facebook has been working on finding new and improved ways of increasing user discovery and engagement with games built on the Facebook Graph API. Facebook has recently added games stories in the news Feed that show users the games their friends are playing the most, as well as a games timeline unit and a games-only activity feed on the home page.

In addition, Facebook game developers can now leverage the features of the "Graph API for achievements" and the "Graph API for scores" to help increase the number of new users installing their games and improve the experience of existing gamers.

Since the announcement of games stories in the news feed, Facebook has seen a "60% increase in new users installing games by clicking on news feed stories." The games stories appear in the news feed for gamers and non-gamers alike.

On March 5th, Facebook announced that "Scores and Achievements" stories will now be included in the news feed, and the Graph API for scores now supports weekly tournaments.

Facebook game developers that make proper use of the Open Graph, the Graph API for achievements and the Graph API for scores can provide their users added benefits including:

  • Scores and achievements stories displayed in users news feeds
  • Stories include a call to action to "play" directing people to the game
  • Ability to rank players based on weekly tournament scores
  • Highlight a user's game activity on their timeline

The new features and improvements that Facebook has made to the Graph API, allows Facebook games to become part of a Facebook user's identity and social graph. The more a user interacts and plays a particular Facebook game, the more prominently their gaming activity is displayed throughout their timeline. This helps to drive new users to that Facebook game and improve their loyalty.

Example of gaming activity displayed in timeline:

Timeline Gaming Activity

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