Facebook Expands Spark AR Video Functionality Via Multipeer API

Spark AR, Facebook’s augmented reality Platform which was announced in 2017 and powers those silly dog ear filters on Instagram, is getting more powerful with the announcement of the new Multipeer API. This new API will bring augmented reality on the platform to video calling on Messenger, Instagram, and Portal.

Facebook claims that the platform has been used by over 600,000 creators in order to publish over 2 million augmented reality effects. The new Multipeer API will bring these effects to video and allow developers to build immersive AR experiences that leverage the technology in unique ways. A simple example is hosting a virtual birthday party complete with a virtual cake and candles that can be blown out using gesture recognition.

Facebook has launched a Spark AR beta program for developers that are interested in testing out the new functionality. This program is currently a closed beta and applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis and approved based on qualifications. 

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