Facebook Extends Audience Reach via Upgrades to Audience Network SDK and Live API

Facebook has made several announcements this week that will benefit developers by expanding the ways that they can reach audiences beyond the social network’s walls. The first announcement highlights the benefits of the latest Audience Network SDK, while the second includes some exciting enhancements to the Facebook Live APITrack this API

Earlier this summer facebook released version 5.4 of the Audience Network SDK. The Facebook Audience Network (FAN) extends advertising campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile applications. This feature allows customers who are already advertising on the Platform to easily grow the reach of existing campaigns. Facebook is encouraging all app publishers and developers to upgrade to the Audience Network SDK 5.4 or above by March 3, 2020. This latest version of the SDK adds the newest features, format iterations, and helps to improve stability.

Updates to the Facebook Live API include a new “rehearsal” feature, an extension of the maximum streaming time, video trimming capabilities, and simulcast functionality. The new rehearsal feature enables to broadcast live only to Page admins and editors, allowing simplified testing of new production setups before going live to the entire audience. Facebook has extended the maximum video length from 4 hours to 8, an enhancement that is crucial for certain gaming events. Perhaps the most exciting upgrade is the addition of simulcast capabilities. Publishers will now be able to broadcast their videos simultaneously on other streaming services. 

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