Facebook Graph and Marketing APIs Reach Version 11

Facebook has announced the release of the Graph API v11.0Track this API and Marketing API v11.0Track this API as well as moving the Platform SDK to v11.0. These updates include breaking changes that will require developers to update their applications to ensure compatibility. Additional updates include adjustments to the Instagram Basic Display API and deprecation of the Facebook Analytics tool.

The biggest change to the Graph API is that its data access levels model has been expanded to consumer applications. The model aims to make testing new permissions and features easier by allowing any application admins to change the access levels for individual permissions and features without needing to use a test app. This rollout should be complete in late June / early July.

A new change to the Audience Deletion feature will allow advertisers to be able to automatically delete audiences, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences or saved audiences that haven’t been actively used in over two years. Any audience identified for deletion will be automatically deleted 90 days after first being identified.

With the release of the SDK v11.0, Facebook is deprecating v9.0 and introducing updates to several features. These include changes to the iOS, Android, and Unity SDKs and developers can visit their individual changelogs for more details.

For complete information on the announced updates, interested users should visit the API changelog.

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