Facebook Graph API 2.4 Gives Developers More Control

Facebook today released version 2.4 of its Graph API, which is the fifth release since Facebook said in 2014 that it would provide more frequent updates to its core APIs. There are a number of changes to the API, which interact with new SDKs for both the Android and iOS platforms. In other words, it's a good day to update your Facebook apps. 

Among the new features in Graph API v2.4 are new insights for page videos. For example, the API now offers more metrics in the Page Insights API. This lets developers track performance of any videos uploaded to their pages, incuding details such as total plays, autoplay, and paid versus organic views. 

The API adds additional ways to categorize Page videos, as well. Facebook says developers will now be able to choose categories when they upload videos to their page, as well as say whether the video can be monetized or embedded by other services. 

Graph API v2.4 reduces the number of default fields in order to goose performance a bit. Facebook says it cut down the number of fields the API returns by default to imrpove performance -- especially across mobile networks.

Timeline posts should be easer for developers to access. The new API simplifies how developers access content on users' timelines -- as long as the user has granted permission. "Instead of different object types for statuses and links," explains Facebook, "the API now returns a standardized Post node with attachments that represent the type of shared content." 

Last, the revised Graph API makes improvements to marketing tools. For example, in Graph API v2.4, developers can now use labels to tag campaigns, assets, ads, and creative tools. Facebook says this lets devs better manage their objects, and query for insights that are aggregated by label.

According to Facebook, mobile developers who switch to the latest SDKs for Android and iOS will automatically have access to Graph API v2.4. Mobile developers will need to declare the new API version when calling the JavaScript SDK. 

As always, Facebook has set a two-year sunset path for Graph API v2.3, which will be deprecated on July 8, 2017. That means the Marketing API v2.3 will go away 90 days after that, on October 7, 2015. As a reminder, Facebook's Graph API v2.0 will go away August 7, 2016. Facebook recommends all developers update to Graph API v2.1 at the minimum as soon as possible. 

More details about the individual Graph APIs can be found here

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