Facebook Graph API v2.2 Allows Developers to Hide/Unhide Comments

Facebook has updated its Facebook Graph API to allow developers to hide and unhide comments on page posts. Facebook updated its changelog yesterday to reflect the updates. The hide/unhide feature was among a few other updates including a new token for business and new page node to manage subscriptions for realtime updates. 

The most recent version of the API, 2.2, was released yesterday, October 31st. The Graph API remains the primary method by which apps can read and write to the Facebook Social Graph. Although Facebook continues to support older versions of the API, developers must phase out version 1 apps by April 30th of next year. To keep track of all intended developments and future releases, check in on Facebook's Roadmap

Facebook continues to maintain a rich collection of Documentation, videos, how-to guides, app scenarios, and more to help developers integrate with Facebook APIs and SDKs. Whether you are integrating with a Facebook API for the first time, or migrating to a new API version, make sure to utilize Facebook's Resource base in development, testing, and production. For more information, visit the developer site

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