Facebook Introduces Graph API v2.5

Facebook has launched v2.5 of its Graph API. Seeing as the API sits at the core of Facebook's API offering, Graph API updates arrive with significant changes and upgrades. The primary updates included in the latest release modify the Marketing, Pages, and Videos APIs, as well as rate limits.

ProgrammableWeb recently covered Facebook's latest Marketing API update (v2.4). For the first time, Facebook bundled changes to the Graph API and the Marketing API into a single release. Facebook finds that a single release simplifies adjustments required of developers and streamlines following new products and features available through the APIs. New Marketing API features of note include the ability to create Lead ads. The feature allows users to capture leads and execute more effective direct response campaigns.

The Pages API now includes a direct response-focused feature. The feature allows users to include a specific call to action in response to engagement with a page. For instance, the API could entice an end user to book an appointment, call a business, or make a donation directly from an integrated page.

As video continues to rapidly evolve in the web and mobile spaces, Facebook receives constant requests for new video features. To respond to the wide range of requests, Facebook has introduced new parameters for the Video API. The new parameters grant developers more options regarding how to share video content. For example, Secret Videos allow users to share videos solely through a direct URL, and such videos remain unsearchable to other Facebook users.

Prior to the latest Graph API release, rate limits were difficult to understand and lack of documentation confounded the difficulty. In an effort to be more transparent with its Graph rate limit policy, Facebook will begin documenting how rate limiting works. Each app is granted 200 API calls per user, per 60 minute window. Facebook maintains that rate limiting is rare with the Graph API; nonetheless, it published this document to fully describe the policy and process.

This post highlights some of the more significant updates in v2.5. Per usual, all updates and changes can be found at the changelog. Facebook anticipates the next Graph API release, v2.6, will land in April 2016.  

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