Facebook Introduces v5.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs

Facebook has announced v5.0 of its Graph APITrack this API and its Marketing APITrack this API. The latest version of the Marketing API includes a new API: the Ad Volume API. The new API will both help developers understand the number of ads they are running and prepare such advertising for upcoming changes to Facebook's marketing policies.

Sometime next year, Facebook will limit the number of ads an advertiser can run on a page at the same time. Facebook does not anticipate that this change will affect many advertisers; however, the Ad Volume API will help those affected prepare. The Ad Volume API allows advertisers to track a page's ad volume for a specific account. Roadmapped features include tracking a page's ad volume across ad accounts and the number of ads a page is permitted to use. Facebook positions these upcoming limits as an attempt to improve ad performance.

Another Marketing API v5.0 feature is the inclusion of new ad category fields. Businesses can now classify their ads as housing, employment, or credit opportunities. This update falls in line with Facebook's announcement earlier this year that required US-based advertisers to identify ad campaigns that offer opportunities in these areas.

Additional changes to the Marketing API include:

  • 10-second video view metric & 10-second video views deprecated
  • Ad Library filter added for improve search for ad stored
  • Ad keywords stat API Endpoint sunsetted
  • New messenger features

Check out the blog post announcement to learn more.


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