Facebook Introduces v8.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs

Facebook just announced v8.0 of its GraphTrack this API and MarketingTrack this API APIs. Per usual, the new releases include some breaking changes, feature updates, and deprecations. The company is pointing developers to the Platform Initiatives Hub to stay up to date with all company plans and programs.

Three changes require developer action. By October 24th, developers must leverage a user, app, or client token for querying the Graph API specifically for profile pictures via UID, FB OEmbeds and IG OEmbeds. Second, granular permissions will soon be required for an app to access the business field. By November 2nd, apps need to start requesting granular business_management permissions to the business that owns the ad. Finally, catalog_management and ads_management permissions are being decoupled. By January 31st of next year, developers with access to catalog_management need to prompt users to grant access through the FB Login Dialog.

On the improvements front, business app developers now have better onboarding options and a new reviewable feature called Business Asset User Profile Access. Starting in October, Facebook will move from target cost bidding to cost cap bidding to manage campaign costs.

The Marketing API, versions 5.0 and 6.0 will be removed on September 28th. The Graph API, v3.1 will be removed on October 27th. A number of API endpoints will be deprecated on November 2nd. Check out the Changelog for more details.

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