Facebook Introduces V9 of the Graph and Marketing APIs

Facebook has announced the release of the Graph API v9.0Track this API and Marketing API v9.0Track this API. These updates included several changes that require developer action in order to ensure that production applications are not interrupted. Additional updates include adjustments to Instagram Follower count metrics and Instagram Ads API enhancements. 

For developers that have applications that are included in the Consumer & Gaming application types, it is important to note that Facebook will now begin requiring that applications include a pathway for users to request the deletion of account information. This can be handled either by a Data Deletion Request Callback or via a URL that provides detailed instructions for how this information can be deleted. Facebook plans to send reminders to developers that have not yet transitioned from Development Mode to Live Mode.

Additionally, Facebook has made changes to the way that third-party applications can access user information and connect CRM systems with Facebook’s APIs. These changes may result in a loss of access to Lead Ads campaign data. When updating to V9 applications that intend to continue receiving access may need to go through app review. 

Facebook also announced improvements to the Instagram Ads API, the announcement noted that:

“We are introducing several technical changes that will now give your users the ability to take existing organic Instagram posts and promote them as ads. We will also begin returning the Instagram Graph API’s user ID on the Instagram Ads API and several other endpoints, offering a more unified developer experience between the Ads and Graph API platforms.”

The company has also adjusted the Instagram follower count metric and noted that users may notice a one-time drop in followers via the API as they align this count with the native app.  

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