Facebook Launches Messenger API Support for Instagram

Facebook has announced the launch of beta access to a new Messenger API feature which will provide support for Instagram messaging capabilities. With this new addition, Facebook is hoping to provide businesses with the tools necessary to improve customer satisfaction and facilitate meaningful conversations on Instagram.

Through the beta program, Facebook is providing a small group of businesses access to Messenger for Instagram. These companies include Adidas, Amaro, Glossier, H&M, MagazineLuiza, Michael Kors, Nars, Sephora, and TechStyle Fashion Group. Increasingly consumers are engaging with businesses via Instagram and this technological move is intended to help capitalize on this shift. Initial results seem promising with the marketing team for Micheal Kors noting in the announcement that:

“... With the newly launched Messenger API support for Instagram, we are now able to increase efficiency, drive even stronger user engagement, and easily maintain a two-way dialogue with our followers. This technology has helped us create a new pipeline for best-in-class service and allows for a direct line of communication that’s fast and easy for both customers and our internal team.”

Along with streamlined communication, Facebook is choosing to highlight improvements in response time, a metric that they believe is closely tied to customer satisfaction and retention. One of the program's initial partners, Clarabridge, has noted a 55% improvement in support response rate since integrating with the new API feature. 

Although the new feature is restricted participating partners at the moment, it is expected that general availability is around the corner.

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