Facebook Launches New Payments Reporting API

Facebook added a new feature to its Facebook Credits API that allows developers to download reports regarding payments in their Facebook applications. The payment reports are generated daily by Facebook. Up until now, developers had been receiving payment reports via email.

Per the Facebook announcement post in the Developers Blog, the new payments reporting API:

  • Has built-in checks to make sure all data is received.
  • Can be downloaded securely via HTTPS using an OAuth-secured HTTP interface.
  • Provides report in a structured CSV file, instead of the former flat TSV file.
  • Allows multiple users to download the report, instead of only one person receiving the report via email.

Developers can find detailed information on how to use the new payments reporting API in the available documentation.

Developers should also note that the email reporting system will no longer be supported by Facebook effective November 7th, 2012.

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