Facebook Launches V10.0 of Graph and Marketing APIs

Facebook’s latest update for the Marketing and Graph APIs, V10.0, includes Data Use Checkup certification updates, new Groups API data limits, and new access levels for business applications. Additionally, the company posted important deprecation reminders.

In late 2020 Facebook launched Data Use Checkup (DUC), a new program that would require developers to go through a certification process to validate that their API access and usage complies with the company’s Platform policies and developer standards. New applications are required to comply within 60 days, and owners of existing applications will be notified via their app dashboard about upcoming deadlines. The company has provided a useful FAQ for developers that are confused about the new standards.

This update also brings new limits to tiered access for the Groups API based on app status. Currently, applications in development mode have access to “all contents of Public Groups & Private Groups where the developer is an admin.” Once the application is past App Review, access is limited to content from groups that have installed the app. Beginning on May 24th, 2021, new limits will be imposed:

“apps in Development Mode can only access their own content in Public Groups & Private Groups where the developer is an admin. This means the app will not have access to content that other Groups users (without roles on the app) have published, such as posts and comments.”

Facebook has also added access levels to business apps:

“Newly created business type apps now start with Standard Access for the public_profile and email permissions. When an app has Standard Access to public_profile, only users with a role on the app or business that’s claimed the app can search for or log into the app.”

It is worth noting that on May 4th, 2021, Facebook will officially be deprecating V3.2 of the Facebook Graph API. 

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