Facebook Lets You Easily Integrate into Sites and Widgets with New Create Application API

Facebook recently released its new Create Application API, a slim convenience API that makes it easy for developers to generate a Facebook API key for widgets. The API complements existing Facebook developer tools, including Facebook Connect, an increasingly popular way of allowing for delegated Facebook authentication on third party web sites.

Facebook Create Application

According to Vishu Gupta, the lead developer behind the new API, the API should streamline integration with Facebook:

Every website that wants to integrate with Facebook needs an API key. The Create Application API allows widget providers to programmatically generate this API key and other necessary settings. For example, a fourth party comment system like DISQUS can now more easily enable bloggers to integrate commenting with Facebook into their blogs.

Some preliminary documentation is currently available, and it includes details about two methods currently available for using the API (FBJS or a JavaScript client library). The sample code below shows how the JavaScript client library can be used with just a few lines of code:


Despite its relative simplicity, it's likely that developers working with Facebook apps will get quite a bit of utility out of this API. Streamlining the API key and application creation process may just lead to what Vishu describes as a "strong ecosystem of developers enabling others to make great Facebook integrations."

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