Facebook Messenger Adds One-Time Notification API

Facebook has announced the release of a new beta API that will provide businesses with a method for offering its customers simple follow-up information. The new Messenger One-Time Notification API is designed for situations where customers may want to be notified about simple updates like price drops of merchandise or changes in the availability of products.

This new API will allow businesses to reach out to customers with a request to opt-in to future notification about specific products. If the user accepts the request, the business is issued a token that allows them to notify the customer in the future when they have an applicable update. Facebook used the example of a customer looking at a t-shirt that is out of stock, with the new API the business could send a message to this user asking if they want to be notified when the shirt is available again. Once the product is back in stock the business would use the token they received to notify this customer of the update.

In an effort to ensure a quality experience, Facebook is limiting the number of One-Time interactions that businesses can issue to users. Additionally, the API documentation notes that tokens can only be used once and expire within 1 year of creation. 

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