Facebook Offers Graph API 1.0 Retirement Advice

As part of a recent reminder to app developers who have not migrated to Graph API v2.0, Facebook offered several tips to keep apps running after v1.0 is deprecated on April 30, 2015. Andreea Manole outlined these tips in her post on the Facebook Developers blog.

The new version, Graph API v2.0, includes the new Login and the mandatory Login Review process, which involves getting permission from Facebook if your app requests information beyond public profile, e-mail, and friend list. Any existing apps that request information beyond basic profile data will need to undergo review before April 30, 2015.

Submit Your App for Login Review Now

The Login Review process is performed by people on the review team, who actually use the app to make sure that it requests only permissions that enhance the user experience. Login Review best practices include:

  • only requesting permissions you will use
  • testing your app end to end
  • providing step-by-step instructions for the reviewer
  • checking your app against our Platform Policies for compliance
  • sending a screencast video

Although any apps created after April 30, 2014, will have already undergone the review process, apps created before this date must begin the process now to lessen the risk of losing functionality. However, unapproved permissions will continue to function until the deprecation date. Once this date passes, apps expecting unapproved permissions may break.

Upgrade to Graph API v2.0 and the New Facebook Login

Apps will automatically be upgraded to v2.0 after the deprecation date, but to prevent unexpected behavior, developers have been told to update all API calls before that date. To help with the upgrade, Facebook has built useful tools that allow developers to:

  • create v2.0-only Test Users to see how the app behaves against Graph API v2.0
  • upgrade an entire app to v2.0 without code changes simply by flipping a switch in the app’s dashboard (a Login Review will still need to be submitted)

Get Started Now

Upgrading to Graph API v2.0 or greater and submitting for Login Review can be performed in parallel, or independently in either order. Either way, developers are strongly advised to submit apps for Login Review now so that they have enough time to submit to third-party marketplaces, such as Google Play and the App Store.

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