Facebook Outlines Messenger Platform Updates

Facebook’s newly released update to the Messenger Platform includes new functionality, improvements to existing tools, while also deprecated legacy endpoints. Changes to the platform impact Click-to-Messenger Ads and provide new tools to encourage user engagement. 

Facebook has simplified the implementation of Click-to-Messenger Ads by provider more granular control over which apps are handling these interactions. Click-to-Messenger Ads are an advertising solution that sends users directly into a Facebook Messenger conversation with business representatives. This update is aimed at organizations that have more than one application connected to Messenger.

The Messenger Platform now sees the introduction of Icebreakers, a new feature that aims to encourage user interaction by providing common questions or topics of interest. Questions such as “What are your hours today?” or “Where is your store located?” can be configured via the API.

This latest update is also helping brands better respond to users by allowing them to see people’s reactions to messages from businesses. Facebook is hoping that this will provide more context for conversations and improve clarity.

With this announcement, several APIs have now been deprecated, including the Broadcast API and the Legacy Sponsored Messages API. Facebook now encourages developers to use the Send API in place of the deprecated Broadcast API to send messages. Likewise, the Facebook Marketing API is now the preferred tool for sending sponsored messages.

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