Facebook Previews a New Annual API Access Review, Data Use Checkup

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 brought to light the serious data security ramifications that can result from providing developers with unchecked access to consumer’s personal data. The FTC’s investigation into Facebook’s data privacy practices resulted in an agreement with the commission that included an all-new framework for protecting Facebook user’s privacy.

Facebook today announced an extension of this Framework that aims to ensure that developers are using data appropriately and in compliance with the company’s API standards. Data Use Checkup, the aptly named process, is an annual occurrence that will require developers to use a self-service tool to check each application they manage for adherence to company standards.

Facebook has already begun enrolling a small number of applications into this process for testing purposes. If your application has been selected you will be notified via the Facebook developer dashboard. If this initial testing goes well, Facebook plans to roll out Data Use Checkup for all applications. 

The announcement of this process mentioned that in light of COVID-19 Facebook will be working to ensure that the roll-out of this new standard is not disruptive for developers affected by the pandemic. 

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