Facebook Provides Guidance for Upcoming Marketing API Requirements

Last year ProgrammableWeb reported changes to the Facebook Marketing APITrack this API that aim to reduce discrimination in job postings, housing ads, and credit ads. These changes required action by advertisers, developers, and other advertising partners. This week, Facebook provided updated guidance for developers in light of these changes and the impending deprecation of v4 of the Marketing API.

The updates to the APIs made it so that advertisers, developers, and partners are required to select a Special Ad Category when creating ads that offer housing, employment or credit opportunities. This selection will limit the number of targeting options available for the ad, helping to eliminate possible points of discrimination.

Facebook is now providing notice to all Marketing API users that important deadlines for implementation of the Special Ads Category are fast approaching.

For all businesses in the U.S. or those that target U.S. audiences, February 11th is the deadline to indicate ads that offer housing, employment or credit opportunities. Any such ads that have not selected the new category and updated their campaign's targeting settings will no longer be allowed to run. Additionally, as of March 31st, 2020, v4 of the Facebook Marketing API will be deprecated. Developers must then migrate to v5 or newer, which will require by default that a selection is made regarding the Special Ad Category.

For businesses outside of the U.S and not targeting U.S. markets, the v4 deprecation is still something to be aware of. However, for those campaigns, developers can select "none" to be exempt from the API restrictions that are required for U.S. advertising. 

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