Facebook Releases Canvas API for Advertisers

Facebook has released a Canvas API for Advertisers that can be used to create compelling Canvas ads and campaigns on Facebook. Facebook Canvas is a tool that businesses can use to create experiences that showcase their products and tell stories about their brand. Advertisers can add Canvas to any Facebook photo, video or carousel ad. Canvas is designed to be mobile-friendly and ads can be full screen whether they are displayed on a smartphone or tablet. Advertisers can now create canvas components via API such as header, footer, carousel, button, and text.

Advertisers can use high resolution images and high quality videos to create Canvas ads and links to the advertisers’ website can be included in the ad. Links can be in the form of an image, text, or button. Facebook provides several pre-built templates advertisers can use to build canvas ads. Template choices include single screen, storytelling, and full screen media. Canvas elements such as carousel, button, text, and button can be combined into different configurations. Advertisers can even include a store locator and product set in a canvas ad.

Canvas components are now available through the Facebook Canvas Ads API. Before advertisers can build a canvas via the API, they must create the components (e.g. photo, text, button) they want to use first. Then the components can be added to elements of the canvas like a header, footer, or carousel. Once the canvas elements have been created, a canvas is created and the canvas elements are added to it.

The Canvas Ads API is offered via the Facebook Marketing API. For more information about the Facebook Marketing API and the new Canvas Ads API, visit the Facebook Developers website.

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