Facebook Releases Graph API v4.0 and Marketing API v4.0

Facebook has announced the release of Graph APITrack this API (v4.0) and Marketing APITrack this API (v4.0). The changes to these APIs are highlighted by updates to Webhooks, Business Asset Groups, and ad creation and editing. 

Graph API v4

First up is the announcement that applications will now be required to have certain permissions in order to access an Instagram user or media owner’s page. These permissions include ads_management, ads_read, instagram_basic, and manage_pages. Additionally, applications that have been temporarily approved for Page Public Content Access will now be required to undergo App Review.

There have been several changes to webhooks in v4, including backend improvements that should result in better performance and fewer duplicate notifications. Additionally, the like webhooks field for Page Feed has been deprecated. Applications should now use the reactions webhooks field to retrieve page likes.

Marketing API v4

The announcement of v4 included notification that Business Asset Groups will be fully available starting on August 14th. The company also promised additional Documentation at that time. This will allow businesses to more easily group Facebook assets and manage permissions to these assets.

In regard to ad creation, Facebook has improved post-processing, which the company promises will result in fewer transient errors. There is also a new status for ad campaigns, ad sets, ads, and ad creative, IN_PROCESS, which means that the company is processing the ad object.

Ad Insights also gains new features, including advancements that make it easier to differentiate between mobile web and mobile app traffic. Make sure to check the changelogs for the Marketing API and Graph API for the complete list of changes in v4. 

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