Facebook Releases v7 of Marketing and Graph APIs

Facebook has released version 7.0 of its Marketing APITrack this API and Graph APITrack this API. Additionally, it released version 7.0 of its Mobile SDKs and Business SDKs. As expected, these new releases include new fields and features, but also include new requirements for mobile developers. As with all new version releases, Facebook has planned deprecations, but it is reducing the number originally planned in response to COVID-19 challenges.

First, Facebook has added a timestamp field to the Instagram Hashtag Search API. This allows developers to retrieve the creation time for any post accessible through the API. For more details, check out the version 7 changelog.

Facebook has tweaked the special_ad_category field. It is now named special_ad_categories; in other, words, it is now plural. This allows developers to specify the special ad category at the campaign level, or pass an empty array if there is no special ad category. Next, Facebook announced six new permissions that replace manage_pages and publish_pages. This will give developers more access and control over page related data. The new permissions are being released on a rolling basis, starting immediately through June 1.

To comply with Apple's recent announcement, mobile developers must use iOS 13 SDK (or later) and Xcode 11 (or later), and those requirements are reflected in Facebook SDKs by June 30. Android developers must now use Android X libraries and Facebook SDKs 7.0 and later will require the same.

Check out Facebook Developer Support for questions and concerns. Facebook also encourages participation in the Facebook Developer Community as these updates roll out. The changelog for the latest version shows more details on all updates.

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