Facebook Releases Version 9.0 of its Platform SDK

Facebook has announced the release of version 9.0 of the company’s Platform SDK and is notifying developers that failure to update integrations to this latest version may result in breaking changes. Additionally, all previous versions are now facing looming deprecation. 

Version 9.0 of the SDK includes various improvements and new features, including Facebook Login gaining a significant new feature that is intended to improve security. Login will now include a new Limited Login option that “implements safeguards designed to prevent the fact that a person used Facebook to log into your iOS app from being used to target advertising or measure advertising effectiveness.” This new option will not impact the Function of the Classic Login mode. 

In regard to the deprecation of the previous SDK iterations, Facebook’s announcement noted that:

“Today, we will launch Facebook Platform SDK version 9.0 and begin the deprecation of all prior SDK versions. The deprecation will happen over a two year period (ending on January 19th, 2023) at the end of which all previous versions of the Facebook Platform SDK will be permanently sunset."

This is yet another example of Facebook doing a quality job of proactive communications with their developers. As mentioned in our article on engaging developers with a world class API portal, an important part of engendering developer trust is letting them know when breaking changes will be happening and offering a long runway to adjust.

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