Facebook SDK for Unity Update Means Better Gaming

Facebook today released a new version of the Facebook SDK for Unity. The new version should let developers bring their Unity games to Facebook quicker and with less code-wrangling.

Facebook said it spent a year digesting feedback from its developer community on how to make the SDK better meet app writers' wishes. The result is Facebook SDK for Unity, version 7.1.0. 

Facebook says the new SDK adds full support for Unity 5, adds support for the new WebGL build target, and includes its latest native mobile SDKs, which have new tools and features of their own. For example, it supports Hybrid Development, and FB.Sharelink on iOS and Android, and FB.Mobile.AppInvite for app invitation support. The underlying iOS SDK has been upated to version 4.6, as has the underlying Android SDK. The Android SDK now meets API level 15, and the lowest target iOS version is now 7.0.

Facebook removed and/or updated features, too. Unity 4, for instance, is no longer supported. Facebook now encourages develoeprs to test within the native platforms (iOS, Android, web), as the Facebook functionmality in the Unity Editor is now grayed out. Facebook SDK for Unity version 7.1.0 also loses full screen dialogs in the web player.

In a major switchup, Facebook is sharing the Source Code for the Facebook SDK for Unity. The social network says it took pains to clean up the code and simplfy the SDK. Facebook believes offering the SDK source code to developers will make it even easier to integrate into apps. At the same time, Facebook is anxious to hear feedback so it can continue to maintain and improve the SDK. 

The Facebook SDK for Unity is available via GitHub

Facebook also recently released React Native for Android. Like the Unity SDK, React Native is being offered up as open source. Clearly, Facebook is interested in community contribution to help improve users' Facebook experiences, whether it be on Android, iOS, or the Web, and whether it be gaming content or social sharing activity. 


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