Facebook Takes Credit for Pinterest Growth

The red hot startup of late, Pinterest, certainly has a friend in Facebook. Users of the pinning site can sign in with an account from the dominant social network. In a new post, Facebook suggests it's Pinterest's inclusion in Facebook Timeline that is driving its growth.

Facebook points to Pinterest in its early success stories of the Timeline feature:

Pinterest: Since launching their open graph Integration less than a month ago, the number of Facebook users visiting Pinterest every day has increased by more than 60%. The virtual pinboard site has made it fun and easy to share the items you’ve pinned and follow the boards of people you find interesting.

No doubt, Pinterest is using the Facebook Platform wisely. From my experience, I'm receiving a number of email notices every day when friends join Pinterest. And when I joined, Pinterest auto-followed those friends, causing them to receive the same email notices.

All of those actions do end up as Facebook actions on the Timeline. Non-Pinterest users won't see the action, except perhaps on that same panel that tells you what music your friends are listening to.

Pinterest has a new API (see our Pinterest API profile) and plenty of word of mouth outside Facebook. If it's a poster child of growth thanks to the Timeline alone, then I'll look forward to Facebook or Pinterest's more in-depth case study.

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