Facebook to Bring F8 Meetups Worldwide

Facebook remains one of the most popular developer platforms around the globe and the company touts that more than 70 percent of its developers are from outside of the US. To help reach those developers, Facebook has announced that they will be holding 27 meetups around the world in conjunction with its F8 developer conference. The meetups aim to let developers watch the livestream keynote, connect and converse with their local dev community. The conference, where Facebook introduces new products and provides a look at future plans, will take place on April 12th in San Francisco.

On April 12, F8 meetups will be held in the following cities:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Bangalore, India
  3. Berlin, Germany
  4. Bogota, Colombia
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Casablanca, Morocco
  8. Delhi, India
  9. Lagos, Nigeria
  10. London, United Kingdom
  11. Los Angeles, U.S.
  12. Mexico City, Mexico
  13. Nairobi, Kenya
  14. Paris, France
  15. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  16. Seattle, U.S.
  17. Stockholm, Sweden
  18. Tel Aviv, Israel
  19. Warsaw, Poland

On April 13, F8 meetups will be held in these locations throughout Asia:

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Lahore, Pakistan
  4. Manila, Philippines
  5. Seoul, Korea
  6. Singapore, Singapore
  7. Taipei, Taiwan
  8. Tokyo, Japan  

Developers interested in attending one of the meetups should register as space will be limited. Facebook will also live stream the event online.

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