Facebook Updates Android SDK with Simplified Open Graph Integration, Snazzier Login Button and More

Back in April, Facebook unveiled a new SDK for iOS with a grab bag full of important new features. Several of those goodies are now available for droid developers in a major update to the Android SDK.

Chief among these, a Share Dialog allows Facebook users to share activities and locations and tag friends directly from third-party apps without having to log into Facebook first. This measure will save users three clicks and require you, the developer, only one line of code to implement.

Also notable is support for an Object API that allows you to integrate Open Graph objects into Android apps directly without having to host a website with Open Graph tags. Open Graph is a system Facebook uses to allow users to publish stories on their newsfeed. Objects are publicly accessible webpages, so for example, a user might share a news story, a movie, or a book.

Debuting in beta on the SDK is App Events, a feature that lets you collect data on predefined actions taken with your app, such as “add to cart” in an commerce app or “level achieved” in a game app or other custom events that let you better understand the engagement or ROI coming from your mobile ads on Facebook.

Last but not least, Facebook has redone the design of its “Log In with Facebook” button. It’s a better look, but one with no code changes, so probably the only change nondevelopers will take note of.

The new Facebook SDK for Android is now ready for download.

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