Facebook Updates Graph and Marketing APIs to Version 12

Facebook has announced the release of the Graph API v12.0Track this API and Marketing API v12.0Track this API. These updates include breaking changes that will require developers to update their applications to ensure compatibility. 

The major change in v12.0 is that the Graph API now supports backwards compatibility for apps  that use newly created one-click access tokens. This new feature only applies to Graph API resources and any calls made to the Marketing API will throw an exception.

An update to the User Profile API for Instagram is being made in hopes of allowing businesses to better personalize and prioritize messages based on publicly available user information. The User Profile API will now provide businesses with more information about users including their follower count, verified badge, a flag on whether the business follows the user account and a flag on whether the user account follows the business account.

Additional updates include new fields added to the Video API and updates to the deprecation schedule for previous versions of both the Graph and Marketing APIs. For complete information on the announced updates, interested users should visit the API changelog.