Facebook Updates Graph API to V2.2

Today Facebook announced that the Graph API v2.2 has been released with updated iOS and Android SDKs. The announcement adds improvements to the management of Pages, and also versioning within the Adds API.

Unique features of Graph API v2.2 include the ability to hide and unhide comments on Page posts. Developers can employ improved methods for identifying owners across multiple apps. Real time Page updates can now be followed with a dedicated parameter, and additional Page settings are now editable via the API. The Adds API also supports versioning from this day forward with a 90 day breaking change policy.

In terms of forthcoming API changes to note, on October 2016 the Graph API v2.1 will be deprecated. The Graph API v1.0 is scheduled to be deprecated on April 30, 2015. Certain 90-day deprecations that were scheduled in August will come into effect next week on November 5th. These changes include the deprecation of the Recommendation Bar, edits to page like management, and deletion of the insights edge parameter.

Developers can visit the Graph API changelog and the v2.1 to v2.2 upgrade guide for detailed versioning information.

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Graph API v2.2 and updated iOS and Android SDKs