Facebook Updates: New Payments Reporting Tool, Mobile Devices Insights and SDK Android Beta Update

Facebook made a few announcements in this weeks platform updates blog post which included the introduction of new Insights on mobile devices, a new tool to download daily payment reports and an update to the Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for Android.

Facebook Mobile Insights

Mobile Insights for Open Graph -- Image Credit: Facebook

In August, ProgrammableWeb reported on the launch of Facebook's new Payments Reporting API. The Payments Reporting API allows developers to programmatically download payments reports for their Facebook applications. Facebook has created a new tool, accessible on the developer site, that can be used to download payments reports without having to make API calls.

Facebook introduced new Insights on mobile devices for "Open Graph publishes, impressions, and referral clicks." The data can be separated by platform type such as iPhone, Android or mobile browser. The new Insights should help developers determine the sources of referral traffic and actions that cause items to be published to Facebook.

The platform update also includes the release of SDK version v3.0.2.b. Beta for Android. This release includes quite a few API changes, so it is important that developers view the change log.

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