Facebook will Soon Auto-Enroll Apps in its App Review Process

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a new app review process for third party developers leveraging various Facebook APIs. To date, the app review process has been voluntary, and it has only applied to developers who affirmatively enroll their apps. Facebook just announced that in the coming months, Facebook will start enrolling apps.

"[I]f you haven't already enrolled your app in the new process...[y]ou will receive an alert in your app dashboard when your app has been enrolled," Facebook's Hanu Awasthy announced in a Facebook Developer News announcement.

Although the enrollment process will soon become automatically enforced by Facebook, the company still encourages developers to proactively submit apps for review. For developers who have already submitted their apps, the new process will have no effect.

In additional to the auto-enroll process, Facebook announced improvements to the app review experience. Improvements include:

  • Developers can modify basic and advanced app settings
  • Developers can add new products to their apps while review remains pending
  • Developers can select server-to-server as Platform option during the review

The goal of the improvements is to make the review experience easier for developers. By meeting individually tailored needs of the various developer types, Facebook hopes the app review process will be more streamlined and developer friendly.

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