Facebook's Origami Live for iOS Makes App Prototyping Easier

Facebook released a new iOS app called "Origami Live" that lets you demo prototypes made with Facebook's Origami directly on iPhones and iPads.

Facebook's Origami is a free tool for designing interactive user interfaces.  Facebook built some amazing design capabilities into Origami that allow you to quickly build prototypes that respond to iOS app gestures like swiping and two finger zoom, and can access sensors like the accelerometer.   

Prior to the Origami Live iOS app, modifying and demoing apps was confined to the Origami tool running in the Mac OS X environment.  Now you can use the Origami Live app to let people use your prototype as a high-fidelity, interactive app experience on their iDevice.  Facebook says you can make changes to the app “live” while people are trying it on their iDevices, adding new graphics and interactions, all without any coding.  The Oragami 2.0 tool on your Mac then exports your prototype as code to help developers.

“Origami Live has changed how we design products at Facebook.” says Facebook Product Designer Brandon Walkin.  Facebook used Oragami live when designing many of its products, including Instagram, Messenger, Paper, Slingshot, Hyperlapse and Rooms.  Read Brandon's design blog for stories of using Oragami Live to solve high end mobile app design and technology challenges.  

Quartz Composer

Origami Live for iOS is a companion app to the Facebook Origami tool.  Origami itself runs as a part of a visual design tool called Quartz Composer.
Quartz Composer is a visual programming technology created by Apple.  Quartz Composer provides an API and a developer tool that lets you easily work with a complex combination of technologies including JavaScript, OpenGL, OpenCL, Core Image and Core Video.  Developers and designers can create visual components - such as design prototypes -  that respond to user inputs according to programming logic.  
Quartz Composer is embedded in the Mac OS X operating system.  Apples' also includes Quartz Composor in the iPhone SDK.  However, there does not seem to have been a way to run Quartz Compositions on iOS devices, prior to Facebook's Oragami Live for iOS.  Apparently, all demoing of mobile prototypes had to be done directly on a Mac.  

Quartz Composer is part of the Xcode development environment.  Using Quartz Composer requires you to register as an Apple developer.   

Facebook launched Origami Live for iOS as part of a larger Origami 2.0 announcement introducing new functionality to the Mac-based interactive design tool.

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