FaceForce: Facebook Meets Salesforce.com

What do you get when combine the leading social networking API and the leading enterprise API? You get one our latest mashup entries: FaceForce. What is it? As they desribe "Faceforce Connector for the AppExchange complements traditional CRM data with dynamically updated personal data and photos. The seamless integration pulls critical Facebook profile information into your Salesforce Account, Lead, and Contact records in real time, providing you with an instant 360 degree view of customers, prospects, and business associates."

For a good introduction check-out their Flash-based overview.

At last week's Graphing Social Patterns Conference there was a lot of talk about LinkedIn versus Facebook and the distinctions between different types of social networks. This mashup does a good job of demonstrating how two different social network platforms can be integrated. Certainly there will be more of these coming soon...

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How is the FB privacy policy being administered in this app? Seems to be light on that detail - does anyone care to comment. App developers are supposed to purge the FB info within 48 hours if I read it corectly - certainly does not seem to be the case here if you are going to take FB info and start putting it into your Salesforce database.

The chosen name seems unfortunate, a la "FaceRape."

G, we do not store any FB data on either our servers or inside the Salesforce application. The profile info that is served up is all real-time.

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Is it really appropriate to have facebook linked to a business platform. What someone does on the weekend should not effect the way they are viewed in the office. Connecting facebook to a business platform will be like having that embarrassing office party moment, everyday of the week. Maybe Salesforce should focus more on providing great non stop service like other CRM Vendors like Netsuite, On Contact or Salesboom.com.

@Tom, good question. I know the team that built this was speaking at Web 2.0 last month and are likely still supporting it. Not sure what that issue is...


Is this App still working? We just installed it, while mostly everything looks like its working, when we go to create or search for links you get the message “API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner”.