Factual Expands, Refines, and Rebrands API: Geopulse Context

Factual continues to expand the world's access to data with a makeover and relaunch of its Geopulse API. Now renamed, Geopulse Context aims to provide developers with the geographic and commercial context of locations to enable personalized app experiences. The new API expands US Census data and commercial metrics available via Factual APIs. Factual Director of Product, Tyler Bell, commented:

"Basically we have designed this to be a true point-in, data-out service, created explicitly for audience building and contextual personalization."

Factual relies heavily on customer and user feedback in product development, and the theme will continue with the Geopulse Context launch. In conjunction with the release, Factual announced a new partnership with Millennial Media. Millennial Media North American General Manager, Marcus Startzel, commented:

"Our first party location data allows us to unlock powerful insights for advertisers, and the addition of Factual’s Global Places data and the Geopulse Context API to our ad targeting Stack is another piece of the puzzle that will enhance our ad targeting solutions and provide additional value to our partners in the ecosystem."

The Geopulse Context API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Commercial data designates an area as retail district, commercial center, or residential neighborhood (and provides relevant information). Demographic data includes specific attributes to tailor searches (e.g. race, gender, wealth, education, etc.). The API is free up to 10,000 calls per day. Those interested should register for an API Key.

Apps continue to become more and more personalized. Geopulse Context aims to drive personalization capabilities down to individuals in their exact location. Factual continues to refine its data offering based on the mobile world, and should continue to drive its ever expanding user base.

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