Factual Launches Engine SDK for iOS and Android

Factual, a location data provider, announced the release of its Engine SDK. Available for both iOS and Android, the Engine SDK enables developers to include exact location data within third party apps. The company finds that location-based features enable personalized experiences which are in high demand.

"The bar for smart and intelligent apps is rising exponentially, and developers demand solutions that help them provide personalized, effortless experiences to end users," Gil Elbaz, Factual founder and CEO, commented in a press release. "Engine is uniquely able to understand a device's exact location and movement, and using that location intelligence, design customized outcomes for users."

Companies like Doppler Labs have already put the SDK in place. Doppler uses the SDK to adjust noise filters and volume settings based on the location of its smart earbuds and the location's surrounding environment. The SDK is also readily available for Integration with certain analytics and marketing platforms like Mixpanel, Oracle Responsys and Segment.

Location based features within the Engine SDK include place attachment (pairs place of interest with device location and real-world data attributes), user journeys (captures how a user's location and activity changes throughout a day), circumstances (triggers responses based on a user location combined with time of day and other attributes), context-based actions (push notifications, user prompts, status updates, and other actions based on specific rules), web-based interface (simple, easy to understand interface to create and modify rules), privacy protections, and more. The SDK uses the Garage Web UI, and is currently available for both iOS and Android. Check out the Engine site to learn more.

Factual's location based services are powered by an underlying dataset that includes more than 130 million businesses and points of interest. The data spans 52 countries around the world. With customer's like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and more; Factual is establishing itself as a leader in location based data and services.

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