Factual Now Covers 27 Countries, 30 Million Business Listings

We've covered Factual a number of times, most recently asking if it will become the go-to location database. Now the company has expanded its offering with improved datasets, new datasets and a new iPhone SDK. Its local data now covers 27 countries and contains more than 30 million individual business listings.

Factual has a number of datasets including local, entertainment, eduction, government, health, beer, wine, sports, musics and much, much more. What's more is that this data is all available for free at the moment in return to answer a few questions on how the data is going to be used. The number of datasets continues to grow and the quality of data and depth of information is increasing, as shown with the latest announcements.

The latest update sees the US POI (Point of Interest) dataset updated to include around 15 million business listings and POIs and that data has also been enriched with greater information on individual entries (attribute density), improved geocodes and richer categorization. Further local datasets have also been released for 19 additional countries and territories including Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and India.

A new US Doctors dataset targeting developers building health care-related apps and technologies has also been added containing around 1 million records including data such as doctor specialty, gender and hospital affiliation.

The final exciting addition to the announcement sees Factual release an iPhone SDK which the company hopes will increase the speed at which iPhone apps that use the Factual API can be developed.

The Factual SDK shortens your mobile development cycle by providing an
iPhone native wrapper for real-time calls to Factual local data along
with examples to help you get started.

Factual plan to continue to make data more accessible which undoubtedly means more datasets and richer data. It also plans to release details of new products and Platform features in the coming weeks including news of a mobile SDK for Android.

The company was founded by Google Adsense creator Gil Elbaz and launched with an API in 2009. Last fall it partnered with StockPup to provide access to stock data, which we wrote hints at the future of data-as-a-service.

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