Factual's Restaurant Data API: Over 1.2 Million Restaurants, Over 50 Attributes

Factual provides easy access to the data that drives mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Factual recently improved upon its 58 million points of interest when it enhanced its Restaurants Data. Factual added over 400,000 restaurants to its database (bringing the total count over 1.2 million) and expanded the attributes available. The company provides the Factual API that enables developers to access this data. Ben Coppersmith, Factual Data Specialist, commented on the Restaurant update:

"The new data is derived from 60+ million contributions from over 160 thousand sources.  With this round, our US Restaurants is now definitively one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of restaurant data available today."

Factual's partner base includes traditional enterprises (e.g. Toyota) as well as the app celebrities born out of the mobile device generation (e.g. Yelp, Foursquare, etc.). As the hospitality industry embraces a mobile consumer base, Factual's rich dataset should have no trouble peaking interest among newcomers and traditional web marketers alike.

All Factual APIs use REST protocol and JSON data format. All attributes (descriptions) are available through the API (e.g. location, delivery options, hours of operation, etc.). The Restaurants API is free up to 10,000 calls per day. Interested developers can request a key at the API site.

Factual understands the power of data and believes that greater access will drive innovation and create better tools. Restaurant data seems simple, but the apps and tools that have engendered out of the mere availability of restaurant data stands to change the industry forever. Factual sits nicely to provide the data underlying the disruption.

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