Fanbible: A Mashup Of Rock n' Roll Proportions

For music fans and concert goers, having instant access to information on which bands are playing where is definitely a plus. Being in the know and never missing out when it comes to great gigs in your area is even better. In comes new Facebook mashup, Fanbible; a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers, keeping users informed even when they're on the go.


Fanbible works by automatically detecting a user's location and presenting them with relevant information about live music events in their specific area, as well as links to more information about the upcoming shows and how to purchase tickets. The app makes extensive use of the Facebook API, which happens to provide useful geographic information and is one of the first places on the internet where bands create events. In addition, it uses the HTML5 geolocation API to identify a user's location.


Fanbible is currently in beta, and as it stands, gives users the ability to do things like import their favourite local and international bands from their own lists of Facebook likes, and even sign in with their own Facebook accounts, automatically saving their current location and allowing them to star events or gigs they may want to attend. Bands and artists are also encouraged to import their Facebook pages so that their events will automatically appear on Fanbible as and when they update them. The team at Lab19 Digital (disclosure: the author has friends and colleagues in the company), creators of Fanbible, are constantly fine tuning things with the possibility of new and even more effective features to be added in the future. One of Lab19's directors and Fanbible creator, Luke Siedle says,

"Fanbible is a proof of concept, but we want to take it further. We're always experimenting with ideas and possibilities, and looking at how we can expose live music to the masses. There is great talent out there but bands and artists will still play to empty houses. Their gigs get lost in the vastness of the social space. We want to change that."

In a nutshell, Fanbible is about keeping people in the know and getting fans to the shows. It's an innovative and really handy tool that would add value to any music lover's app collection, and is definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

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