Fancy Hands Launches First API

Fancy Hands, virtual assistant service, has launched an APIThe Fancy Hands API. The API allows ordinary folks to build apps, add features to existing apps, and build businesses with the power of Fancy Hands' network of assistants. Fancy Hands envisions utilization of the API expanding well beyond the developer community.

Ted Roden, Fancy Hands CEO, suggested:

"[I]t's not just the indie developers. A large sales organization could build an app to handle lead generation: when a new contact hits their Salesforce it could automatically have fancy hands reach out and look into it. Perhaps a third party company could spring up and automatically connect to these sales platforms and with Fancy Hands. They could easily charge on a per lead basis."

Fancy Hands has all but mastered day to day grunt work (e.g. make appointments, place orders, pay bills, etc.) with its wide network of assistants. Its new API strategy opens up an entirely new revenue stream and potential market. Now, Fancy Hands can serve as the very Platform upon which an entirely new business is built. Fancy Hands has provided some examples and will continue to add to the list.

Fancy Hands sought to build the simplest API in the world, that was REST-like and easy to use. Directly from the developer site, using the API is laid out in plain language:

"Our API allows you to quickly build some of the most complex apps in the world. Give us natural language instructions (plain text), let us know what type of structured data you want back ( JSON ), how much you're willing to pay (monetize), and we'll ping you when we're ready ( Webhooks)."

Virtual assistants have certainly eased the daily load for many executives, moms, startups, the list goes on. But what about a virtual assistant that could be the platform upon which you build a business? Now that is revolutionary. Check out the developer site to learn more and consider trying out the Fancy Hands API.

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