Farm Market iD Launches Agribusiness API

Farm Market iD, an agriculture business intelligence provider, has announced a new, real-time API. The APITrack this API allows third-party developers access to Farm Market iD's rich agribusiness data. The goal is to bring all data that farms have an interest in under one umbrella where developers can integrate the data as needed. This includes farm, farmer, crop, farm field, and market data.

To help developers get started, Farm Market ID created a Sandbox environment. Developers can get accustomed to the Framework and test different uses of the data available. The sandbox is free of charge.

The API is RESTful. The API is available for Integration directly into web, desktop, and mobile applications. Farm Market ID listed examples of data available in a press release:

  • Grower Information.Get details for specific growers, including name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, email, gender, owner vs. operator status, and more.
  • Grower Matching. Send FMiD the contact information for your existing customer or prospect and FMiD will return the best match for that grower in our database.
  • Land by Grower Get all the land owned and operated by a specific grower.
  • Crop Details. Get crop information for both specific growers and specific pieces of land, segmentable by crop year(s).
  • Crop Rotation. Get crop rotation information for a given piece of land.
  • Grain Bins by Land.Get the grain bins connected to a specific piece of land.

For more information, visit the Farm Market ID site.

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