FaunaDB GraphQL API Now Generally Available

Fauna, a cloud-first database provider, has announced the general availability of its FaunaDB GraphQL API. The new API adds GraphQL support to its flagship database product: FaunaDB. FaunaDB is serverless and multi-cloud which gives developers much versatility in managing data. Added GraphQL support should only enhance this capability.

“The rise of serverless development is being driven by the growing demands for simplicity and the desire to pay for infrastructure on a per-use basis,” Evan Weaver, Fauna founder and CEO, commented in a press release. “FaunaDB meets both of these requirements and is proven to be one of the safest transactional cloud-first databases on the market. This latest enhancement demonstrates our commitment to simplifying application development and enabling developers to capture the benefits of operational simplicity, horizontal scalability and transactional consistency in a single system, while only paying for the queries they execute.”

At its core, the new API focuses on transactional consistency, user authorization, data access, quality of service (QoS), and temporal storage. The FaunaDB built-in temporality applies to the new API; accordingly, FaunaDB can return data from any API at any time. Fauna has applied the same consistency levels to the GraphQL API as it does all other APIs. Fauna controls access at the row (document) level, unlike many databases that control access at the table level. To increase shared access, APIs gain the ability to read and modify other APIs. Quality of Service can be enforced at the database level or with access keys.

The FaunaDB GraphQL API includes three functions: Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions. The two endpoints include a /graphql Endpoint that accepts and executes queries (and returns results) and an /import endpoint that accepts and imports the GraphQL schema. Mutations are used to create or update data. Visit the API docs for more information.

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