FaxLogic API: Equipping The Analogue Fax Machine For The Digital Age

Digital may be the way forward, but there are still many businesses that generate a lot of paperwork, and the humble fax machine is by no means unnecessary. FaxLogic is an enterprise level, cloud-based fax service that modernises the functionality of a normal fax machine by combining the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, internet fax and fax servers. Ultimately, the aim is to provide businesses with a cost-effective and streamlined solution. FaxLogic provides the FaxLogic API that allows secure programmatic access to FaxLogic services and online message repositories.


FaxLogic securely sends, receives, stores and manages a variety of business documents by combining the best features of a variety of faxing options. The system combines the existing fax machine with the internet's capabilities, eliminating the need for phone lines, enabling faxes to be received by email, adding a scanning option to the fax machine and more. The system also provides the benefits of fax servers without the drawbacks they may usually present, by offering a hosted, managed service that minimises costs and IT burdens.

The FaxLogic API uses REST calls and supports high-volume, high-performance requests from any HTTPS client. Further information and detailed documentation is available on request.

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[...] Of the many APIs we published this week, seven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those seven, which included the FaxLogic API. FaxLogic is a cloud-based fax-service that combines normal fax machine functionality with features of analog fax, Internet fax and fax servers. FaxLogic securely sends, stores, manages, and receives fax through email eliminating the need for phone lines, while also enabling scanning options that previously didn’t exist. To learn more about the FaxLogic API visit the FaxLogic site as well as the FaxLogic API blog post. [...]