FaxLogic API: Equipping The Analogue Fax Machine For The Digital Age

Digital may be the way forward, but there are still many businesses that generate a lot of paperwork, and the humble fax machine is by no means unnecessary. FaxLogic is an enterprise level, cloud-based fax service that modernises the functionality of a normal fax machine by combining the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, internet fax and fax servers. Ultimately, the aim is to provide businesses with a cost-effective and streamlined solution. FaxLogic provides the FaxLogic API that allows secure programmatic access to FaxLogic services and online message repositories.


FaxLogic securely sends, receives, stores and manages a variety of business documents by combining the best features of a variety of faxing options. The system combines the existing fax machine with the internet's capabilities, eliminating the need for phone lines, enabling faxes to be received by email, adding a scanning option to the fax machine and more. The system also provides the benefits of fax servers without the drawbacks they may usually present, by offering a hosted, managed service that minimises costs and IT burdens.

The FaxLogic API uses REST calls and supports high-volume, high-performance requests from any HTTPS client. Further information and detailed Documentation is available on request.

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