Feed Your Inner Fan With The Fanatix API

Imagine being able to watch your favorite game on the go, receive constant score updates, interact with your friends and even win really cool prizes for your fanaticism. If that piques your interest, then Fanatix is definitely something you should check out. With the Fanatix API, developers can easily take these features and integrate them into existing platforms.

Fanatix is a social TV platform for sports

It's basically a social TV Platform for sports, but it offers a lot more than simple game viewing. Fanatix has a "check-in" feature which allows you to see which friends are watching the same game and interact with them directly or in groups, sharing opinions, thoughts on the game or just general friendly banter. This feature also enables the user to receive score alerts and access to further Fanatix features.

The really cool bit is that you can earn points for checking in. That means you get credit for simply doing what you were going to do anyway; watch the game. Points are rewarded with top notch prizes like dream tickets to big games, 3D TVs and in one case, 20 cases of beer. So, the more of a fanatic you become, the better.

To put it simply:

  • Fanatix connects your social graph with the global sports television schedule
  • Fanatix enables you to connect to Facebook to see which of your friends are watching the game
  • The private group messenger makes it possible to select groups of college friends or fantasy sports enthusiasts to share the game with
  • You can tweet about the game straight from the fanatix app

The Fanatix API is only available by request and is intended for the development of other apps.

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